Hand Hygiene

Adherence to hand hygiene by medical professionals and the general public worldwide has been uniformly low. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the hand-hygiene behavior of eighth graders could be influenced through an intervention consisting of a presentation of scientific data, a visual germ demonstration, and a demonstration and explanation of how to hand wash and sanitize properly. Additionally, the study investigated whether there was a measurable change in students’ self-reported attitudes and behaviors.

Hand Hygiene at Art:   Title--229,000

The average number of germs

per square inch on frequently

used faucet handles.

These flowers were painted on a faucet handle and displayed with approximately 229,000 grains of salt representing invisible bacteria. Placed on a mirrored surface, this created a reflection of the observer and inspired consideration of the illusion implicit in the phrase perfectly clean.


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Thesis: Social Influences on Hand Hygiene (85+ pages)

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Bipolar Disorder

Pediatric bipolar disorder (BD) is a serious psychiatric illness that impairs children’s emotional, cognitive, and social development. It is marked by severe mood instability that manifests in chronic irritability and episodes of rage and tearfulness. This paper looks at the disorder and the therapies to help children with BD. The guide provides a short overview.

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Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome greatly affect social integration and performance. Using evidence-based practice to develop treatment ideas led to further consideration of a group focus and Making Friends group protocol.

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First and second degree burns are the most frequent and occur in large numbers every day. While prognosis for a full recovery is extremely good, burn patients may well need a variety of services from occupational therapy. Even relative minor burn injuries affect the whole person, physically, psychologically, and socially.

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Vestibular Dysfunction

Symptoms of vestibular dysfunction include vertigo, nausea, disequilibrium, spatial disorientation, visual acuity, and decreased concentration. Vestibular rehabilitation is the intervention to decrease symptoms and increase independence, safety, and participation in people with this disorder. Presented talk on dysfunction and OT treatment recommendations.

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