Fine Motor Toolkit

The toolkit is a compact, easily transportable array of activities and games to develop fine motor skills.

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Toy Analysis

This analysis takes a ordinary, everyday toy and looks at the ways in which it can be used to develop a variety of skills.

Koosh Ball: Toy Analysis.pdf

Treatment Plan

Using a sensory approach, this plan provides OT interventions to address a child’s communication, social, and fine motor skills.

Sensory Integration Intervention Plan.pdf


Many a child are referred for occupational therapy evaluations due to concern about their fine motor or handwriting skills. This paper is the evaluation of the results of the Schoodles Fine Motor Assessment and the Shore Handwriting Screening.

Sample Handwriting Screening .pdf

Pediatric Coursework

The pediatric coursework included primitive reflexes, sensory integration, feeding and eating, fine and gross motor skills, assessments, early intervention, educational environments, Individual Education Plans (IEPs), transition planning, and coverage of common disorders.

Selected Assessments

Developmental Test of Visual Perception (DTVP-2); Pediatric Examination of Educational Readiness at Middle Childhood (PEER-2); Piers-Harris Children’s Self-Concept Scale; Shore Handwriting Assessment; Schoodles Fine Motor Assessment; Sensory Profile